Please join us in the basement for a night of “multi-phonics” and vibraphone! We are proud to announce two sets of music for LONE GLEN FOURTEEN: Aram Shelton and his solo project Tonal Masher, and Mark Clifford with a solo set on vibraphone. Come one, come all to our cozy Oakland basement venue located a pleasant 15 minute walk from either the 19th St or MacArthur BART station.

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March 7th


3132 Harrison St

Oakland, CA 94611

Tonal Masher is the solo project of Aram Shelton on saxophone with processing via Max/MSP.  His music combines acoustics and electronics via resonant feedback harnessed by alternate saxophone fingerings and a custom made Max/MSP software patch.

Aram Shelton is a saxophonist, improviser and electronic musician from Oakland, California, where the projects Tonal Masher, the Broken Trap Ensemble, and the Sound Quartet represent his music. He is connected to Chicago (where he lived from 1999 to 2005) through his Quartet, the cooperative sextet Fast Citizens and Jason Adasiewicz’ Rolldown. His playing and music are available through Delmark, Clean Feed, Cuneiform, 482 Music, Locust Music, MultiKulti, Edgetone, and his own Singlespeed Music. Since 2001, Aram Shelton has been using computer based live sampling via Max/MSP in a variety of settings to process acoustic instruments. He received his MFA in Electronic Music from Mills College, and his 2007 thesis focused on the use of live sampling to extend and rearrange the sounds of acoustic instruments in a live performance setting.  He has taught  at the Oakland School for the Arts and has led improvisation and electroacoustic music workshops in San Francisco, at UC Santa Cruz, Evergreen State University and the jazz school in Luzern (CH). In 2002 he formed the duo Grey Ghost (482 Music) with the drummer Johnathan Crawford. The Wire found their music to be a “focused symbiosis of breath and circuitry”.  From 2010 to 2012 he joined Michael Coleman and Alex Vittum in the trio Stratic. All About Jazz compared their music to “a waking dream memory of music”. In the past year, Shelton has focused on solo electroacoustic music that is based on explorations of the resonant feedback frequencies that are unique to the saxophone.  Due to his ongoing fascination with sonic rearrangement, Shelton has chosen the anagram Tonal Masher as an apt moniker.

Mark Clifford is a vibraphonist, composer, and percussionist living in Oakland, CA. A sought after performer and improviser, Mark is equally involved in free improvisation, new music, jazz, and indie music, and is a part of multiple projects in the Bay Area and around the country. His performance experience spans worldwide, and he has had the honor of playing alongside an array of wonderful musicians including Tatsuya Nakatani, Jeff Parker, Wu Fei, Moe! Staiano, Ron Miles, So Percussion, Scott Amendola, Aram Shelton, Greg Gizbert, Paul Riola, Danny Meyer, Colin Stranahan, Paul Romaine, and Josh Berman. Since moving to the Bay Area in 2009, Mark has recieved multiple commissions for new music , including music for the New Keys Ensemble, Samantha Stone’s Dance Company, and an original score for the short film Sprinkles.