LONE GLEN thirty-seven, IN PERSON, Saturday, May 13, 4 pm. A garden celebration of Apogee Press writers Barbara Tomash and Laura Walker, featuring Miah Jeffra and one more writer TBA.


LONE GLEN thirty-six, IN PERSON, Wednesday February 15, Medicine for Nightmares in San Francisco, 7:00 pm

Brian Ang, Aditya Bahl, and David Lau

LONE GLEN thirty-five, IN PERSON, Saturday 7 January, Medicine for Nightmares in San Francisco, 7:30 pm

Sarah Heady (poetry), Jacob Kahn (poetry), and Randy Prunty (poetry)

LONE GLEN THIRTY-FOUR, IN PERSON POETRY READING ! ! ! — Tuesday, 5 April, Medicine for Nightmares in San Francisco, 6 pm

Andrea Marina (poetry), Truong Tran (poetry), Kevin Simmonds (poetry and mixed genre)

LONE GLEN thirty-three, Anniversary Extravaganza with Nightboat Books, Sunday 5 December, 4 pm PT / 7 pm ET

Gillian Conoley (feature), Andrea Abi-Karam, Tiff Dressen, and Aditi Machado

LONE GLEN thirty-two, Sunday, 24 October 2021, 4:30 pm PST: Virtual Reading

Andrew Zawacki, Douglas Piccinnini, and Mary-Kim Arnold

LONE GLEN thirty-one,  Tuesday 18 May, 2021, 5:30 pm PST: Virtual Reading

Donna de la Perrière, Anna Maria Hong, and Christine Hume

LONE GLEN thirty, 14 March, 2021, 4 pm PST: Virtual Reading

Tongo Eisen-Martin, Jive Poetic, and Sara Mumolo, with DJ Noah Sanders of The Racket

LONE GLEN twenty-nine, 31 January, 2021, 4 pm PST: Virtual Reading 

Triple Launch with DJ Noah Sanders of The Racket, and writers Meredith Clark, Arisa White, and Maw Shein Win

LONE GLEN twenty-eight, 25 February, 7 pm, The Bindery, San Francisco

Apogee Press celebration with poets Elizabeth Robinson, Barbara Tomash, Laura Walker, and Edward Smallfield

LONE GLEN twenty-seven, 7 August, 7 pm, The Bindery, San Francisco

Elizabeth Robinson (poetry), Susanne Dyckman (poetry), Joshua McKinney (poetry), and Nancy Au (fiction)

LONE GLEN twenty-six, 17 May, 8 pm, Temescal Art Center, Oakland 

Raina J Leon (essay/poetry), Tomas Moniz (poetry), and Deborah Woodward (prose/poetry/drama)

LONE GLEN twenty-five, EIGHT YEAR ANNIVERSARY, 26 January, 8:15 pm, Temescal Art Center, Oakland

Celeste Chan (film or prose), Miah Jeffra (prose), Kevin Killian (prose/poetry), D.A. Powell (poetry), and Monica Tiulescu (visual art)

LONE GLEN twenty-four, 3 November, 8 pm, Temescal Art Center, Oakland

Joseph Lease (poetry), Paul Hoover (poetry), and third reader TBA

LONE GLEN twenty-three, 8 August, 7:30 pm, The Bindery, San Francisco 

Guest Curated by Genine Lentine: 

Bidisha Banerjee (prose & visual art), Emilie Lygren (poetry), and Lauren Shufran (poetry & visual art)

LONE GLEN twenty-two, 7 April, 8 pm, Temescal Art Center, Oakland

Maxine Chernoff (poetry), Heather June Gibbons (poetry), and Michael Tod Edgerton (poetry)

LONE GLEN twenty-one, 4 Nov, 8 pm : Writers who Parent / Parents who Write at Temescal Art Center, Oakland

Megan Breiseth (poetry), Lauren Levin (poetry), Rashaan Alexis Meneses (prose), Amos White (poetry), and Sara Mumolo (poetry)

LONE GLEN twenty, 2 September, 8 pm : ECOWRITING MATTERS at Temescal Art Center, Oakland

최 Lindsay (poetry), Vernon Keeve III (poetry/prose), Genine Lentine(poetry/prose), Clarie Marie Stancek (poetry)

Special Guest Reader:  Cecil Giscombe 

LONE GLEN nineteen, 29 April, 7:30 pm

The Bay Area Correspondence School / BACS (Poetry & Visual Art)

LONE GLEN eighteen, 3 November 

Norman Fischer (poetry/prose), Greg Mahrer (poetry), Kathleen Winter (poetry)

LONE GLEN seventeen

Evan Karp (poetry & music) & Miles Karp (music) present Turk & Divis

LONE GLEN sixteen

Aja Couchois Duncan (poetry and prose), Stacy Nathaniel Jackson (poetry and art), Amber Field (music)

LONE GLEN fifteen

Gillian Conoley (poetry), Donna de la Perriere (poetry), Angela Hume (poetry), Zina Al-Shurki (visual art)

LONE GLEN fourteen

July 2015

Steven Seidenberg (poetry), Lily Brown (poetry)

LONE GLEN thirteen

31 January 2015

Annelyse Gelman (music), Joseph Lease (poetry)

LONE GLEN twelve

8 November 2014

Genine Lentine (poetry), Linda Norton (poetry & collage)

LONE GLEN eleven

16 August 2014, Clover & Spahr in the garden (poetry)

Joshua Clover & Juliana Spahr


26 April 2014, Classical Folk Night (Music)

The Gold Duet: Joseph Gold (violinist) & Raphael Gold (violist); Marc Hufnagl (guitarist, singer-songwriter)


14 December 2013, Anniversary Edition, Mixed Genre

Kevin Simmonds (poetry, music), Alex Greenhough (short film), Samantha Thornhill (poetry), James Cagney (poetry, fiction)


21 September 2013, Garden Poetry and Basement Video

Tiff Dressen (poetry), Ellen Lake (film), Denise Newman (poetry), Hazel White (poetry)


6 July 2013, Oakland Garden Poetry

Susan Scarlata (poetry), Jessica Baran (poetry), Bronwen Tate (poetry)


26 January 2013, Night of Visual Art

Kristen Kong (sculpture, painting, design), Kara Maria (painting), Laura Paulini (Painting)


9 November 2012, Chaos Never Dies Day

Jessica Wickens (poetry), Della Watson (poetry)


27 July 2012, Night of Memoir and Fiction

Anna Pulley (essay, memoir), Matt Martin (essay, stand up comedy), Rose Tully (fiction), Paul Ocampo (memoir)


12 May 2012, Night of Poetry

Raina Leon (poetry), Jai Arun Ravine (poetry)


9 March 2012, Night of Fiction and Poetry

John Buckley (poetry), Dan Lau (poetry), Lindsay Merbaum (short fiction), Joel Tomfohr (short fiction)


1 December 2011,  Night of Film and Poetry

Alexandra Mattraw (poetry), Samuel Tomfohr (short film), Kevin Simmonds (poetry), Valerie Witte (poetry)

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