Lone Glen IN PERSON on Tues 4/5

March 28, 2022

Join us in San Francisco at Medicine for Nightmares Bookstore and Gallery on the evening of Tuesday April 5th to celebrate writers Andrea Marina, Kevin Simmonds, and Truong Tran. This event is Lone Glen’s first IN-PERSON READING in over two years! Of Kevin Simmonds’ brilliant new book, The Monster I Am Today, Keely Weiss praises, “Memoir and music theory may not seem like the most obvious of pairings, but Kevin Simmonds’s new biography-in-verse of Leontyne Price, the first great African-American opera star, makes it look natural.” Kevin reads and sings his work through harmonic registers that must be heard in the flesh. And if you haven’t heard Truong Tran read aloud from his recent collection, Book of The Other, you are missing “a deeply moving book of poetry that exists beyond the domain of a purely literary experience” (Bhanu Kapil). He reads with honesty and authenticity in a manner that transcends categorization. As poet Bhanu Kapil says best: “Because, how do you survive what’s not meant to be survivable? This is not a manual. It’s a memory. It’s a way through.” Lone Glen is also honored to feature Oakland writer Andrea Marina. She writes stunning, straight-to-the-core poems that will shoot your mind off.

About the writers:

ANDREA MARINA is an indigenous poet, originally from the swamps of Florida. She resides in San Francisco and her writing is mainly centered around heartbreak and trauma. Her first chapbook is titled My Dirty Southern Heart

TRUONG TRAN was born in Saigon, Vietnam. He is the author of 6 previous collections of poetry, The Book of Perceptions, Placing the Accents, Dust and Conscience, Within The Margins, Four Letter Words and 100 Words (Co-authored with Damon Potter). He also authored the children’s book, Going Home Coming Home, an artist monograph, I Meant To Say Please Past the Sugar. His poems have been translated into Spanish, French and Dutch. He is the recipient of The Poetry Center Prize, The Fund For Poetry Grant, The California Arts Council Grant and numerous San Francisco Arts Commission Grants. He lives in San Francisco and currently teaches at Mills College, Oakland. His much anticipated Book of The Other arrived in Nov 2021 from Kaya Press.

KEVIN SIMMONDS is a writer and musician originally from New Orleans. His poetry collections include Mad for Meat and Bend to it. His latest book, The Monster I am Today: Leontyne Price and a Life in Verse, blends poetry and prose. He lives in San Francisco.

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